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Eliana wanted a glamorous photo shoot with her best friend, and fellow Sol Flower Dreamer Quincy, complete with professional makeup, styling and wardrobe changes! We rented the Disco Den, an adorable Airbnb in Westminster, CO, and used it as the backdrop for the photo shoot. We stocked the Disco Den with tasty treats, games, matching PJ's, Polaroid cameras and more. We wanted to create the ultimate

"girl's day" for these two special ladies and ensure they felt spoiled and celebrated!


Eliana and Quincy met in the hospital during cancer treatment and formed a deep bond and special friendship. What's noteworthy about Eli's bucket list glam photo day is that it was the first time these two best friends were able to spend time together outside of the hospital. Time and time again, our dreamers tell us they just want to feel like a "normal person" and experience the same things their peers are doing and that experiencing a bucket list dream allows them to do just that.


A special thank you to The Denver Hospice who provided a nurse for the day, making this entire experience possible for Eli and Quincy. Amber with Ah-Mobile Spas was as lovely and kind as she was talented, and took great care in giving each of the girls a custom look they loved. Chelsey Bibeau Photography captured the most beautiful images of Eli and Quincy, helping to create lasting memories and a wonderful keepsake for the girls and their families.


When we say it takes a village to help us roll out these dreams, we aren't exaggerating. But it all starts with the generosity of our donors and supporters; if you feel called to donate, you can do so here. If you have an in-kind donation or service you'd like to offer, please contact us.



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