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About Us

Project Sol Flower is a 501c3 non-profit foundation that grants bucket list dreams and experiences to young adults battling cancer and other life-limiting diseases. Project Sol Flower was Kaydee Koch’s brainchild, something she began conceptualizing during her own battle with Ewings sarcoma. 


Despite her grueling four year battle with bone cancer, or maybe because of it, Kaydee was passionate about finding a way to give back and help other young adults facing critical illnesses. She was driven to establish a foundation dedicated to wish fulfillment for what she perceived to be an underserved population, 18-26 year olds.


Organizations like Make-A-Wish are dedicated to supporting children through age 18, but not beyond, so Kaydee created a foundation that could fulfill dreams and experiences, on a smaller scale, for older kids like herself. Unfortunately, Kaydee lost her battle with cancer before we could donate the first official bucket list dream in July 2022, but her beautiful spirit and incredible legacy will live on through Project Sol Flower. 

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