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“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way."
    -Mary Anne Radmacher

We believe in the power of community and want to encourage our supporters (and friends and family of our dream recipients) to help us raise money and awareness for Project Sol Flower. Grassroots fundraising is truly the backbone of our organization and the key to our ongoing success. 


If you would like to get involved, fundraise or support Project Sol Flower, please contact us. Feel free to create your own fundraising event but here are a few ideas to get you started!  

Outdoor Dinner Party


We are in the business of fulfilling bucket list dreams and experiences so hosting a bucket list party is a fun and easy way to raise money for the foundation. Depending on your guest list, you can host this at your home, or at a restaurant or other venue for larger groups. 


  • Print bucket list templates from our website.

  • Provide markers, pens, stickers and bucket list inspiration (a great bucket list usually includes a new hobby, personal or professional goals, travel, etc).

  • Include food: serve appetizers and drinks, cater a meal, or have a potluck.

  • Tell your guests that the party will benefit Project Sol Flower and ask for donations. 

  • Include raffle prizes from local businesses and sell tickets (e.g., 1 for $25 or 5 for $100) to raise additional funds.

  • Set a donation goal for your dinner party. No amount is too small but our Bucket List dream budgets range from $2500-$5000 for each dream granted. A goal of raising at least $1,000 is a good starting point. 

  • In-kind donations such as housing, airline miles, sporting and event tickets are always needed when fulfilling dreams. If you or your guests can provide an in-kind donation, have them get in touch with us!

  • Ask your guests to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. 

Group Running


Are you running in a 5K, 10K, marathon or triathlon? Ask for donations for every mile you walk, run or bike. One of Kaydee’s college friends and roommates raised over $2,700 for Project Sol Flower by asking her network to make a monetary pledge before she completed her first marathon. 


Kaydee’s uncle created a solo long distance running event that he dubbed, “Kilometers for Kaydee,” and solicited donations for every kilometer he covered in a single run effort.

Image by Julia Morales


Are you part of a sports club or other organization? You can set up a table at the event and raffle off sports gear, Project Sol Flower t-shirts or any pertinent item to your event with the proceeds benefiting our foundation. 


You can ask your school or sports club if they would be willing to donate the event entry fee to Project Sol Flower. For example, a local school donated the entry fees to an all-star volleyball game to the foundation. And, Kaydee’s college friends raised $1,000 by raffling various items at a Gonzaga Club Hockey game.

College Students


Many local Colorado high schools host a “wish week” each year where students raise money for a non-profit of their choosing. Wheat Ridge High School made Project Sol Flower the focus of their fundraising week this year, raising well over $7,000 for our foundation. Dakota Ridge High School split the proceeds of their fundraising week between Make-A-Wish and Project Sol Flower. Does your high school participate in a fundraising week? If so, ask how you can designate Project Sol Flower as the recipient! 

Happy Birthday Cake


This is perhaps the easiest fundraiser idea - Birthday Donations! In lieu of birthday gifts, you can ask friends and family to make a donation to Project Sol Flower in your honor. 


Use this verbiage or create your own:


"For my birthday this year I am raising awareness and money for Project Sol Flower, a non-profit that grants Bucket List Dreams & Experiences for young adults, aged 18-26. I am doing this because___ (why is this important to you or who are you doing it for)

My goal is to raise ____ . Would you kindly consider donating?"


Make sure you include details of how to donate: You can donate via Venmo @projectsolflower or via the website - please add your name along with “birthday” so the donation is applied to your birthday fundraiser. 

Fashion retailer


Evereve is a women’s clothing chain that will allow you to host a style social to benefit a non-profit organization, with 15% of every purchase made during the style social going directly to Project Sol Flower. We have raised about $2,500 for Sol Flower with these fun events - and had a ton of fun in the process! 


If there’s not an Evereve near you, ask your favorite clothing boutique if they would be interested in hosting a charity style social. Invite your friends to come shop during the style social – you provide the drinks and nibbles, Everve (or your local boutique) provides the stylist and fashion advice and 15% of the sales benefit Project Sol Flower.

Yoga Class Participants


Are you a fitness or yoga instructor looking for a way to give back or get involved? Host a donation-based workout, with the proceeds going to Project Sol Flower. It’s helpful to suggest a minimum donation for the workout or class, but attendees can always donate more than the minimum. You can host these types of events at a local park, rec center, in-home or at a yoga/fitness studio. 


If they are donating via the website or Venmo, as opposed to cash at the event, make sure they include the event name in the notes so it is applied to your fundraiser. Alternatively, you can collect the individual donations and send the final donation amount to us directly. 

People Planting Trees


Kaydee wanted a Giving Tree planted so that her loved ones could sit under it and feel close to her. This is a beautiful way to not only give to Kaydee and PSF but back to mother earth!  


Contact a local nursery and see if they will partner with you to sell trees. You could ask for a small portion of the sales to go to Project Sol Flower or organize a team of people to help plant trees at a local school/ park or community area. Your team of volunteers could also help patrons plant their purchased trees for a donation.

Clapping Audience


Does your employer make a matching seasonal gift to a non-profit foundation or host a charity golf tournament? If so, we would love to be the recipient or share in the proceeds with another foundation. Talk to your boss or HR department to learn more about your company’s charitable giving plans and nominate Project Sol Flower as a potential recipient. 

Chocolate Cupcake with Yellow Frosting


Set up a bake sale at a local craft fair, school event or take online orders and deliver! Get creative and work together with neighbors and friends. A charity lemonade stand is a great way to get kids involved and have them learn about giving back and the power of grassroots fundraising. Remember, no donation is too small - Kaydee’s college friends often skip their coffee run and donate that $5-10 to Project Sol Flower instead!

Soccer fans


Partner with a local brewery or sports bar and host a watch party. Invite friends and family to come watch the game and ask the restaurant or bar if they would donate a portion of the sales during the game to Project Sol Flower. You can print out bucket lists for people to work on during half time and raffle prizes to make additional money for the foundation.

Painting Equipments


Host a paint party or other craft event with friends. Many of these businesses will offer a small percentage back to the foundation as a donation and you can always include some raffle prizes to raise additional funds. These are fun events that give you an opportunity to talk about Project Sol Flower and help spread the word about our mission.


The media kit includes a flier, poster, logo for invitations and social media and a QR code for donations. If you need something not included in the kit, please contact us! 

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