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PSF Dream #2 - Lilly's Dream

Meet Lilly, our second Project Sol Flower Dream recipient. Lilly has had a grueling battle with long COVID and has spent the better part of the past two years in and out of the hospital. She has endured life-threatening infections and severe life-limiting complications from the virus. She celebrated her 18th birthday and senior prom, among other major milestones, in the hospital while her friends were having a normal high school experience. Lilly has also had to postpone her dreams of attending college to focus on her recovery.

It's not easy battling for your health at any age, but it's even more challenging as a young adult when your friends are moving effortlessly and joyfully into the next phase of life. It's hard not to feel like you are being left behind. It's also challenging when you "look" healthy, as Lilly does in this photo, but require breathing treatments and an alarming array of medications, as well as a feeding tube, just to get through your day.

We knew Kaydee's vision for Project Sol Flower was nothing short of remarkable; however, until meeting Lilly and witnessing her unique struggles as a chronically ill young adult, we didn't understand the full scope of what Kaydee created. By founding an organization dedicated to granting dreams for young adults battling life-limiting illnesses, Kaydee has made an entire population feel seen in a system that historically caters to those under the age of 18. We know that granting bucket list dreams and experiences doesn't "fix" the problem but that was never Kaydee's mission. Her mission was to spark joy and give her peers something to look forward to as they continue to battle their disease and fight for their health.

We had some challenges in terms of granting Lilly's dream of a mountain escape over the Christmas holiday as she has trouble breathing at higher altitudes. Luckily, beautiful Steamboat Springs sits a lower elevation than many other resort towns in Colorado, making it a safer option for Lilly. Teresa and Pat Taylor graciously donated their luxury condo, with sweeping views of the ski hill, to the family for the duration of their stay. This generous donation enabled us to spoil Lilly and her mom with a spa day, treat her dad and brother to a day of skiing and to grant Lilly her biggest bucket list dream: a hot air balloon ride!

We're so delighted that we could provide this unique experience for Lilly. Something to look forward to, and happy memories to reflect upon, are what kept Kaydee going throughout her ordeal. She believed in the power of a bucket list to stay future-focused, despite the daily challenges of battling a chronic or terminal illness. We hope that floating over the Yampa Valley provided a moment of peace for Lilly and a respite from her ordeal.

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased items off Lilly's Amazon wish-list. These gifts helped personalize her dream vacation and make it even more special. Thanks again to the Taylors for providing the perfect home-base for Lilly and her family at their condo in the Steamboat Grand. Lastly, thank you to Wild West Balloons in Steamboat - you did an amazing job creating a safe and memorable experience for Lilly and her mom.


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